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"It's amazing how clean
they get my car and the
way it shines after a detail.
I would never go anywhere
but Classic Shine."
— Julie, Greenwich, CT









"I live in Darien, but I
always bring my car to
Classic Shine because
there's no other place
that cleans cars as well."
— Cheryl, Darien, CT

Classic Shine Hand-Detailing Services

When the Classic Shine team starts to work on your car, no detail is too small to overlook. That's because we go beyond the ordinary to provide you with start-to-finish detailing that includes the cleaning and conditioning of every square inch of your car's interior and exterior. All of our services are performed by hand.
  • exterior paint
  • chrome
  • wheels & tires
  • wheel wells
  • windows & mirrors
  • window edges
  • door jambs
  • hood underside
  • engine compartment
  • trunk & lid underside
  • tail pipe
  • license plate
  • fuel fill
  • leather & fabric
  • carpet & mats
  • seats
  • foot pedals
  • headliner
  • dashboard
  • radio buttons
  • air vents
  • ashtrays

"I always lease cars instead of
buying. To avoid being crushed with
penalty charges, I regularly bring
my car to Classic Shine to maintain
its cleanliness, especially before I
turn it in. The dealerships are always
impressed with the condition of my
car and I'm never charged with
any penalties."
— John, Stamford, CT

"The dealer wanted to charge me huge
penalties when I was turning in my leased
car, so I decided to get it detailed to
avoid these charges. Classic Shine saved
me hundreds of dollars. Thank you,
Classic Shine."
— Jenny, Greenwich, CT

  • Removal of silicones, waxes and road tars.
  • Hand-washing the car exterior and engine compartment using lambs-wool mitts, horse-hair brushes and cotton swabs.
  • Power-washing to remove stubborn dirt in hard-to-reach areas.
  • Removal of all contaminants, overspray and fall-out.
Hand-polishing and waxing of all painted and chromed exterior surfaces using only the finest products available.
  • Hand-Polishing: removal of oxidation and surface scratches.
  • Hand-Glazing: fill-in fine scratches and produce a brilliant shine.
  • Hand-Waxing: seal and protect paint; produce brilliant, mirror-like shine.
  • Silicone applicants to tires and other exterior rubber surfaces.
  • Shampooing the entire interior of your car, including seats, headliner, carpet, mats, dashboard, door jambs and trunk using horse-hair brushes and cotton swabs in crevices. We even clean the spaces between your radio button.
  • Cleaning and conditioning of all leather and vinyl.
  • Washing windows.
  • Driver's side floor covered with protective mat.
  • Gear-shirt knob, steering wheel and driver's seat covered in protective plastic.
  • When necessary, cars covered to keep them sparkling until their owners arrive.
  • Hand-Washes (exterior, interior, windows & wheels) by appointment
  • Paintless Dent Removal
  • Ozone-Odor Removal
  • Lime & Sap Removal
  • Overspray Removal
  • Pin Striping
  • Gift Certificates
  • Corporate Accounts
  • Wholesale/Dealer Work
  • New Car Prep


— Meticulous Hand Cleaning of Your Automobile —
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